Chevron Amethyst Pyramid

Spirit Sisters by Queen the Label

Chevron Amethyst Pyramid

With all the powers of the world-famous healer and spirit guide Amethyst, Amethyst Chevron also has the added gift of bands of white quartz running through it in a Zigzag manner. This unique blend gives the Chevron Amethyst the added power of lucid dreams, psychic visions and a stronger third eye connection to their spirit realm. These big chunky stones come in large, medium and small pyramids but even the small is a good size stone.

* Please keep in mind our chevron pyramids are naturally sourced, therefore the appearance, size and colour of each individual pyramid may vary.

Details and Specifications:

- Crystal sizes: Small (50g to 200g), Medium (201g to 400g), Large (401g to 600g)

Crystal Ethics

The concern of Crystal ethics came to my attention when I realised how hard it is to track where gemstones are mined. There is no international law governing the human rights and environmental impact mining them has.

Whilst the vast majority are mined and sold in ethical and fair conditions, the truth is that without visiting the mines ourselves we can not be 100% certain of the ethics involved. This is something we hope to do when the borders are open and we are free to travel again.

In the meantime, we are collecting a portion of each sale and donating it to the countries most affected by the unethical trade of gemstones and will update this page as our customer's hard-earned money goes on to again make a difference in the world.

And as soon as we can verify for sure the sourcing of our gemstones we will update all of our customers.