Luella Dress - Black Hearted

So many of you have been asking for Luella in Black, so we saved it for last. Yes our most popular dress of all time, just arrived in Black.

Luella started with a red and pink print that only Con thought she would love, but four prints later and three extra runs, she sold out straight away every time. 


There is something so special about its draping sleeves, the way it brings all body types in at the waist, in this print it looks so peaceful. It’s the quintessential boho, feminine, shapely, flowing, goddess dress.  

You do not walk into a room in this dress without it being commented on. 
I sent this dress back 4 times until it was perfect because traditionally, I don’t find wrap dresses work for big breasted women, they gape too much at the chest. This dress, however, is specificity designed to wrap around larger and smaller sized boobs and still sit flush on the waist while flaring out with all of its glorious swishes.

You cannot wear Luella and not feel like a Queen 💜👑

Love Con xx

Size Chart:

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