Queens Love - Excess Goddess Fashion Spectacles - Blue Blue

Each pair comes with folding protective hard card case

To my beautiful Queens. For ages now I’ve been thinking about a “Queens Love” Selection of accessories. 

I am constantly asked where I get my stuff from, and the answer is hours and hours of scouring the internet to find the perfect Boho, Gypsy, a cross between a hot mess and a beach goddess. That and the fact that they aren’t expensive always shocks people. 

So, I decided to start retailing my own selection of glory. 

I didn’t design these items, I found them for myself and decided to bring them to you. They won’t be for everyone, only the most extra of the Queens will want them, but everyone can pull them off, you just need that extra sass in your step. 

Supporting women in business is one of the most productive ways we will be able to free ourselves of this patriarchal bullshit.  “Queens Love” will one day also be filled with local female designer’s products so please feel free to contact us with your products.

Have a scroll, fashion is for everyone, not just the elite few who can afford it. And I hope you feel like the Queen you are, rocking out in your new shit. 

Love you and like always your support is never lost on me.  Part proceeds will always be donated to Rafiki Mwema, helping sexually abused, children who have lived on the streets in Kenya that thanks to your support are safely living on a therapeutic farm in Nakuru. 

Xx Con

For those interested, all the technical details are below!


  • Lens Category 0 - Fashion spectacles (Not sunglasses)
    Very limited reduction of 
    sun glare
    Some UV protection

  • Fun, fashionable and affordable so you can collect them all
  • Each pair comes with a carefully engineered screw hinge which ensures smooth opening and closing of the sunglasses.
  • All glasses have adjustable silicone nose pads for extra comfort. Each pair can be adjusted to any size nose bridge.
  • Arms of glasses are anti-slip.
  • All glasses are lightweight and carefully hand crafted.
  • Over all care: to avoid scratches on lenses avoid wearing them on your head as this can also distort the shape of the frame. Keep glasses in the soft dust bag provided, you may also use this bag as a dust cloth to clean your glasses. Never clean your glasses with a dry cloth such as tissues or paper towel, use a gentle lens solution found at most optical stores and the cloth provided.
  • Check over your glasses regularly and if there are any loose screws, use a small screwdriver to gently tighten them again.
  • Fashion spectacles are a huge part of our active daily lifestyle and with that constant usage comes normal wear and tear. Scratches to lenses or frames is not covered under warranty.





Cat Eye Oval

Frame Material:

Alloy acetate PC

Rhinestone decoration.

Lens Material:

AR Coating

Resin lens

Lens Colour:

Gradient/Mixed Colours

Size of Lens:



Fashion Spectacle

Lens Type:

Lens Category 0 - Fashion spectacles (not sunglasses). Very limited reduction of sunglare with some UV protection



Care instructions

Do not wear in water.

Do not spray item with perfumes/creams lotions.

Apply lotions/perfumes before wearing item.

Avoid dropping.

Rhinestone decoration glued therefore sensitive to water and perfume contact.

Made in China


Keep in touch with us. We will only send good things. Promise.