Mangano Calcite Tower

Spirit Sisters by Queen the Label

Mangano Calcite Tower with UV Light

Mangano Calcite Tower Sizes vary between 7cm to 9cm with some larger and some smaller. The taller ones are thinner and the shorter ones are thicker. Each tower chooses you.

About Mangano Calcite

In daylight it’s elegant and white, in UV light it’s naturally hot pink, proof that God is either a Queen or a Bloke who loves hot pink.

An angel lead stone that along with other things focuses on Self Worth.

Calcite is a brilliant stone for sending healing energy to people you aren’t physically with because it’s an amplifying crystal meaning it’s easily sent far and wide which is particularly helpful in lockdown.

Calcite is the perfect gift for a student as it stimulates the mind to help boost your memory.

Mangano Calcite in particular works with trauma by opening the heart to clear the things it’s held onto that have hindered healing.

And it’s really focused on Encouraging self-worth because self-love only gets you so far without self-worth. I love indoor plants, but they aren’t worth much and if I kill one I can always get another.. my sentimental jewellery, however, is not only loved but rich in worth to me. Like yourself, it is one of a kind.
Think of yourself as a vessel, you are the ship- self-love is how you feel about the ship, self-worth is how you want that ship treated.

As an amplifier, Mangano Crystal can give you too much energy to keep in your bedroom so it is often placed on a little lounge room, bathroom or kitchen shrine instead. As a tired mum I don’t think there is a Crystal on earth that could stop me from sleeping so mine lives in my bedroom, because I like to watch it… glow… all.. the.. time…

However!!! If you or a member of your home is suffering from nightmares, place it i their bedroom, or better yet place it in their bedroom with a UV lamp, many experts say Mangano Calcite protects from nightmares, I personally think it’s impossible to have a nightmares with a natural hot pink glowing crystal next to your bed.

Crystal Ethics

The concern of Crystal ethics came to my attention when I realised how hard it is to track where gemstones are mined. There is no international law governing the human rights and environmental impact mining them has.

Whilst the vast majority are mined and sold in ethical and fair conditions, the truth is that without visiting the mines ourselves we can not be 100% certain of the ethics involved. This is something we hope to do when the borders are open and we are free to travel again.

In the meantime, we are collecting a portion of each sale and donating it to the countries most affected by the unethical trade of gemstones and will update this page as our customer's hard-earned money goes on to again make a difference in the world.

And as soon as we can verify for sure the sourcing of our gemstones we will update all of our customers.