Year of the Queen - Teen Journal 2020


“Year of the Queen - Welcome to the Revolution” is a 284 page full colour, week to week organisational journal created to inspire and empower our teenage Queens. A paperback ring bound journal with two days to a page measuring 240mm x 170mm.

It contains two letters from Con to budding Queens. At the beginning of each month is a page containing Constance's advice for young Queens, covering everything from boys to health to bullying, and covering more serious issues like drugs and consent, delivered in her usual direct but positive way. The journal comes to life with beautiful original artwork done by Nicolee Payne scattered throughout the journal.

A note from Con..

I know first hand that most teenagers don’t respond well to information being rammed down their throats. They don’t read self-help books or attend seminars, but they appreciate a good journal and beautiful artwork.

So this journal is to welcome them to the revolution!

The tables are turning and it’s a very powerful time to be a woman. This revolution is seeing women and girls forget the old ways of competing with and judging each other and instead forming strong bonds and a membership to the strongest group in the world - the sisterhood.

The journal briefly covers some tough topics, drugs and sexual consent, bullying and sexuality. It inspires and helps young women in a confusing time to trust themselves, believe in themselves and discover themselves with practical examples instead of the generic “inspo quotes” that social media is full of.

The Year of the Queen is designed so if you think your daughter isn’t ready for it, she can read it the following year, as the weeks and months are marked but not dated.

It's a visual feast, covered with incredible artwork of crowned regal animals. This journal is here to remind our girls that they are fierce, strong, in control and ruling the world.

Love Aunty Con xx

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